[eDebate] How do we achieve full inclusion?...Hmmm

Adam Jackson baltimoredebate
Mon May 28 23:42:34 CDT 2007

Well...in my humble opinion...any decent academic activity has politics like
exclusion and labels because it's inevitable.

Let's face the facts, the "debate community" was "founded" an exclusive
activity preserved for the elites, and has evolved to a somewhat inclusive
activity for everybody.

The problem is that we waste so much precious learning time trying to figure
our how to solve those "problems", that we forget that it has nothing to do
with what we love about debate. Stuff like that will always exist, unless
there is a majority that is willing to stop it, but that won't happens
because we're that damn D-word...debaters.

I find it funny that people that have been in the activity for years often
ponder this question and never find an answer. The answer is always gonna be
the same. We all perpetuating the same things because its an extremely
primal (almost feral) part of human nature...the drive to compete, and the
drive to win.

Straight up and Alternative have nothing to do with the problem, those are
just two names of strategies idiots like us use in debate to get that damn

Bottom line...nothing changes, it only morphs and evolves, the basics (and
the bullshit) remain the same, year year after year. Don't bother worrying
about the topic, it's pretty much chosen. Pick a side, and debate it. That's
what we're good at.
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