[eDebate] Wiki reminder

William J Repko repkowil
Tue May 29 18:25:53 CDT 2007

1. If you have volunteered for an entry to the Wiki, we are looking to 
gather these by (roughly) June 1st.... 

However, the real goal is to have the thing up-and-running by the middle of 
June (for all camps to use). So, if you need a few extra days, drop me a 

2. What does a good entry look like ?... 

In general, there are two categories of entries: 

a) purely factual matters (i.e. the entry for "caselist" or "coinflip" can 
be pretty damn brief)
b) factual explanation + "how to debate well" -- offering either tips or 

Determine for yourself which category your terms fall into. 

An example of a very good entry was completed by Dan Stout of KSU. His 
"Malthus" entry is what you might want to read if you were struggling 
against the argument. 


A good example of a more factual entry was submitted by Brad Hall -- who did 
the entries for 1AC, 1NC, etc. 

For each, he included several links to google video (of good 2AC's, of 
lectures from camps, etc). Check it out -- it's kinda cool. 


3. When you submit: 

a) send as an attachment to me (preferably in Word)
b) at the bottom of the entry put something akin to: 

Entry by Dan Stout 5/24/07 

4. If you would still like to submit something, drop me a line -- I'll send 
a list of "untaken" terms. 

5. Tune in and watch Roger Federer make his run at history over the next 12 
days...seriously, what else is on.. 


  Dylan McKay
  repkowil at msu.edu 

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