[eDebate] Debating topicality

LACC Forensics forensics
Thu May 31 13:19:31 CDT 2007

An open question to the debate community: why do so many of you hate
debating topicality?

Before you answer, here are some things to consider:

1 - We have topicality debates in life all the time (if you don't recognize
this, I don't think you're paying enough attention) and learning the
technical skill of debating T prepares people for those real-world debates

2 - it has opened the door to critical debates about the uses and
construction of language in all areas of society - academia, politics,

3 - I won't put any more out there now, I would like to hear (read) people's
thoughts first

For years now I have seen and heard people get furiously angry over having
to argue or listen to topicality and I just don't get it. Maybe I'm the one
who's "dumn."

Genuinely curious


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