[eDebate] Topic research-the laughs continue

scottelliott at grandecom.net scottelliott
Thu May 31 15:45:16 CDT 2007

>From the Council On FOriegn Relations Website-A senior analysts's proposed plan
(find the article yourself):

"Along with a cessation of threats, Washington should create an environment
conducive to diplomacy. Rice?s recent decision to attend an Iranian art
exhibition in Washington was a step in the right direction. The National
Basketball Assn. is about to crown a new champion; why not encourage NBA
exchanges with basketball-crazy Iran. This month, a group of Iranian lawmakers
began to form a U.S.-Iranian friendship committee; legislative exchanges should
be initiated."

That and a "security guarantee" that the U.S. promises not intentionally poison
Iran's pistachio imports with chemical or biological wapons, and we are good to
go. (Plan text: The U.S. government will gurantee that it will not intentionally
poison pistachio nuts exported by the U.S., or transported by U.S. flagged ships
to Iran...)

Let the "NBA is misogynist" K debate link research begin. A Magic Johnson Larry
Bird reunion  tour debate, would be interesting too.

I was going to post the "we need to send surgeons to Iran in order to teach
transgender surgery techniques"  as a joke until I found an actual solvency
advocate and case advantages (really!, specific the the Iranian transgender
"problem"). Add in "foreign aid" to pay for the surgeries or an "offer" that we
will share the techniques of sex reassignment to Israel as part of a "trilateral
agreement,"  and now we are good to go.

So how exactly does adding sixty extra words to the sentence : Resolved: the
USFG should constructively engage...Iran" limit these affirmatives?


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