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My understanding is that the authors are suprised by this response....in
fact, saying, "how is this like last year."

Several issues:

"The savages of western Kansas did teach Jennings one thing, and that was
that nothing is more important than family.  I guess that's why for almost a
year he tried to fuck his sister. Sure, she's technically his step-sister,
and she's really hot, but we still had to explain to him that intercourse
with a family member is not socially acceptable, unless your sister's name
is Andy Casey.  Nonetheless she is H-O-T (ask Bryce D., he definitely got
shot down by her for a full semester).  In fact, Jennings has three sisters
who are all really fucking hot; I wish you could see them. In the words of
Ben Warner, "I would cut off my left nut and four of my toes for one chance
to pop it in her pooper."  It's like his sisters didn't come from the same
parents as that savage."

* I feel fairly certain that Andrew's sisters did not sign on for this...nor
is the language used anything but objectifying....Are you honestly telling
me that Andrew and his sisters would like this being googled in later years
by employers...That Andrews sisters want people to read about them in this
way?  Really?  This is different then last year how?

"He was once getting his ass whipped by some dude and decided to "check his
oil" mid match. When I say "check his oil" I mean Jennings got two knuckles
deep in this dudes ass. Two knuckles."

**Explain this as appropriate in a public forum if you would?

"While it is true that Jennings does attend class (sometimes), he does not
always attend class sober.  In fact, during one drunken class session,
Jennings was responsible for presenting a project that he and members of his
group had completed. In order to successfully complete the presentation,
Jennings needed to connect his laptop to the projector to show some slides
to the class. After getting set up, Jennings began his presentation.  Almost
immediately Jennings noticed some snickering, which soon turned into
laughing and pointing. The professor then screeched, "OH MY! INAPPROPRIATE
MATERIAL!"  Alarmed by her response, Jennings turned around to see "I LOVE
PENIS!" displayed prominently in the center of the screen, as the title of
one of his word documents?and there it was for the whole class to see."

** See above, appropriate how?

"Jennings loves pooping.  He loves it so much that there's an entire section
of this DCA bio committed to stories about Jennings pooping.
Places Jennings has actually pooped:
-The floor of Nate's dining room
-The windshield of Jon's car
-The upper deck of Jon's toilet
-Jon's chest
-The chest of his girlfriends, then they reciprocated.
-In a bag, which was then surreptitiously given to Jon
Places Jennings has actually peed:
-In pop bottles in his car, while driving
-Shumaker's closet
-Jon's patio
-Ronnie's shower
-The parking lot at the Westin in Dallas

The man has no soul. If you don't believe me here's a video of Jennings
pooping while obviously intoxicated:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ctsCiuSy76s, ****

If you're not willing to click the link, here are some of the more choice
"Oh yeah, it burns.  It burns so much."
"Hopefully I didn't just get my jimmy on camera."
"God damn, Maker, I'm gonna need you to lick my butthole later tonight."
It might not be so bad if this were a one time occurence but it
isn't.  Jennings loves to be "caught on tape" when he poops, more evidence @

** More questionable, see above

"Jennings tactics for attracting women have been described as "savagely
guerilla" in nature. While only mildly effective, these tactics, combined
with his recent debate success, have skyrocketed his poon level to
astronomical heights."

** Do you find this to be empowering and affirming to women in the

"Another time, Jennings also dated a retarded girl? (not Sara Stephens ?
this was a different one)"

** I repeat the question

"One time Jennings was so fucked up that he thought it would be a good idea
to fight Bricker, needless to say, Bricker "Debbie Lai'ed" his ass, and
Jennings was down for the count.  You get it?  Like when Debbie punched
Julie Hoehn?  Only Bricker actually connected the punch."

** more nice work

"Last year at the ADI, at the Dream Palace (a live nude dancing
establishment), Monique and Jasmine rode Jennings around for 25 minutes:
Jennings shelled out 852 dollars.  Sorry Papa Jennings, that "emergency
money" he asked for didn't pay his tuition.  By "rode" I mean, they stripped
him down to his boxers, tied him up with a leather leash, made him get down
on all fours, and whipped him until he barked like a dog.  At least he got a
free T-Shirt. This story isn't even all that funny.  We just love to tell
it?it makes Jennings blush."

** yet more

"One not so anonymous D3 (Natalie Pennington) young woman also had some
Bricker312: Hey natpen, we're trying to come up with some nicknames for
Jennings, did you have any?
Promisingpenny:  Well, one time we were about to have sex and he was too
drunk to get it up.  So we laid there awhile and it was pretty
awkward.  Then, he stood up on the bed with the covers wrapped around his
shoulders like a cape, and screamed "I'M BATMAN".  I almost shit myself.
Bricker312:  Holy shit, are you fucking serious?  Please tell me you're
making that up.
Promisingpenny:  No, I'm not.  The weird thing is, after he got into the
role, he finally got it up, and it was the best sex of my life.  So I
usually call him batman."

** Even if this is with permission - probably not exactly positive community
information or appropriate for a public forum

Let me mention the obligatory - oh and he is a hard working and good debater
was less then a paragraph,

I came out in support of a member of your own squad last year for defending
herself against not just what was said about her but the ATTITUDE toward
women and women in debate that the post took......perhaps her message did
not even manage its way through Castellaw?

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