[eDebate] DCA Debater #10 - ANDREW JENNINGS

Johnson, Joseph B. blakejohnson
Sat May 5 04:30:12 CDT 2007

"...For every Peter Pan there is always a Captain Hook and for Jennings that Captain Hook was OU CJ.   In their last 11 debates, ranging back to second semester last year, Jennings was 2-9 against them..."

In Andrew's defense:  at least 1 of those times was totally bricker's fault.

In Bricker's defense:  Lets all get some perspective.  

Kids will be kids.  The DCAs have been around as long as I have and theyve never been not offensive.  Lets not shit ourselves annually when someone has the nerve to suggest, on edebate no less, that college kids have sex.  

Whats all this talk about appropriate decorum in a public forum?  This is the fucking internet!  Im just impressed that the listserv isnt bombarded with offers to make my dick bigger.  

Of course this stuff isnt politically correct.  Heres the think about that:  neither is debate, neither is life.  Also, politically correctness is not funny...its boring.  Seriously, though, who are we kidding acting all Tipper Gore like?  Certainly, lines can be crossed with whats written here but let those harmed by Bricker's use of the word poonani speak for themselves.  In the meantime lets not act like the debate community is collectively victimized everytime college kids act like college kids.

Finally, I think it highly unlikely that any prospective employer will be on the verge of hiring andrew jennings but decide against it after a google search of his name reveals that a college friend once accused him of sticking his fingers up a dudes ass.  Maybe its just because I think it highly unlikely that Jennings will ever find work....

just my two cents.
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