[eDebate] DCA Debater #10 - ANDREW JENNINGS

Nick Krebs omegapoint
Sat May 5 15:02:43 CDT 2007

"Kids will be kids. The DCAs have been around as long as I have and theyve
never been not offensive. Lets not shit ourselves annually when someone has
the nerve to suggest, on edebate no less, that college kids have sex.

Whats all this talk about appropriate decorum in a public forum? This is the
fucking internet! Im just impressed that the listserv isnt bombarded with
offers to make my dick bigger.

Of course this stuff isnt politically correct. Heres the think about that:
neither is debate, neither is life. Also, politically correctness is not
funny...its boring. Seriously, though, who are we kidding acting all Tipper
Gore like? Certainly, lines can be crossed with whats written here but let
those harmed by Bricker's use of the word poonani speak for themselves. In
the meantime lets not act like the debate community is collectively
victimized everytime college kids act like college kids."

Josh's objection has nothing to do with a discussion of sexuality in
general.  An analogy between what the mainstream media and your average
politician deems politically incorrect is not at all analogous to the
biographies on this list which year after year contain overtly sexist and
homophobic material.

That these are insider jokes are irrelevant.  The standard that has been set
for DCA bios is that they must be demeaning and the debaters are valorized
more for their epic shits and incest attempts than actual debate
accomplishments.  This is not to say that biographies can't focus on stories
outside of debate rounds, but it seems that those protesting to the
inclusion of all this jock humor insist that without it such bios would be
formulaic and uninteresting.  In many ways the same standards for sexual
harassment in the workplace are appropriate to consider here.  It doesn't
matter whether a group of people all have each others permission to demean
one another when it creates an environment where others outside that group
who rely on a space for their professional development/career feel
uncomfortable using it.  I suppose there is the argument that people could
unsubscribe or ignore the bios, but given that the point of these bios is to
be for people to purportedly learn something about those being recognized
and understand the value of their accomplishments, it would undercut the
reason to even have them in the first place.  If bios are just for
entertainment of the people who immediately know the person, then why post
them here at all?

Unless this is truly a space for boys to be boys.

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