[eDebate] DCA Debater #10 - ANDREW JENNINGS

Andrew Michael-Don Casey acasey3
Sat May 5 18:16:10 CDT 2007

"The standard that has been set for DCA bios is that they must be 
demeaning and the debaters are valorized more for their epic shits and 
incest attempts than actual debate accomplishments. .... In many ways 
the same standards for sexual harassment in the workplace are 
appropriate to consider here. It doesn't matter whether a group of 
people all have each others permission to demean one another when it 
creates an environment where others outside that group who rely on a 
space for their professional development/career feel 
uncomfortable using it. "

to use the parlance of our times, are you fucking serious?

Yea, I'm absolutely convinced that everyone who has written/is writing 
a DCA bio has now got the standard in their head that they must create 
a shit story to top jennings'.  Let's be honest with ourselves here, 
All of us who know jennings will remember him for his great success to 
some degree...but no one will forget the time he shit on nate's dining 
room floor at the heart party of 2006. Jennings is a unique case in 
comparison to other DCA bios i hope to still be able to see soon 
(because this current business is becoming boring as hell)

The sexual harassment workplace comparison is absurd (and slightly 
trivializing). Bricker didnt offer a quid pro quo that you must watch 
the video of jennings pooping or you wont get a first round next year. 
I think you just reaffirmed Blake's collective victimization arg.

Seriously, its Cinco de Mayo go have a margarita or something. Stop 
trying to place blame and go enjoy yourself. Nothing is more 
life-denying than people trying to highlight more problems with 
jennings lifestyle. 

-Andy Casey (who is apparently an acceptable form of incest)
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