[eDebate] Ans Josh, DCA business...

Josh jbhdb8
Wed May 9 15:00:31 CDT 2007

Hello Chris,

I misread the post as being a parody of the "controversy."  Certainly didnt
think you were talking about me in particular even within that parody.
Turns out it wasnt a parody at all - for which I apologize greatly.  I am
sorry for misunderstanding.  If it makes you feel any better, I was giving
you credit for being really clever :)

In addition, sorry about posting so much. Honestly, never thought any of
this was "about me" just saying what I think.  Someone else made this
argument in backchannel to me...I guess I understand, in a sense.  I like
talking about debate....and political issues....and issues that are
controversial within the community.  If my goal was being popular, I sure
wouldnt take the stances I generally take....I just like having good
arguments with people I respectfully disagree with.  I like edebate because
it is a place we can all let our hair down a bit and discuss the issues that
effect us all.  I post often because I am authentically interested in a TON
of things that everyone talks about.  When I was a debater (billion years
ago) I was fascinated (and still am) by the debate discussions that happened
between coaches in JAFA and see edebate as a place we can foster that kind
of discussion.

Anyway, when I respond to something said - doesnt mean I think you were
targeting what you said at me....Just meant, in this case incorrectly, I
thought you were making an interesting point (parody) in relation to a
discussion I had been in with others.

Anyway, I do apologize, I would in no way ever want to marginalize that bio
if it was someone important to you.



On 5/9/07, Chris Crowe <velcrowe at gmail.com> wrote:
> Actually, Josh, it's an actual bio my friends put some time into for
> someone that was instrumental in the debate careers of a lot of people.
> Brian DeLong, Martin Osborn, Will Jensen, Travis Cram and myself, among many
> others owe a substantial portion of our involvement in the activity to him
> and wouldn't be here without him, no question.  It's not a slight on the bio
> process, nor a poke at you.  I thought the bio was really funny (because I
> get all the jokes, probably) and a great way to send him off.  If you didn't
> get the humor, well, you didn't get it, but we love him and miss him.
> You do post a lot, but it's not ALL about you.  This is something we
> talked about doing before the controversies about the DCA even re-ignited.
> Best,
> Crowe
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> Christopher Crowe
> University of Wyoming
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