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It's all good.  
Aaron was the smartest debater ever to compete for the latter day Wyoming policy squad.  His assignments probably won us 50+ debates in the past two years.  He is also an amazing teacher of debate, although sadly/happily he'll be busy fighting for legal justice instead of coaching...
Our senior rhetoric professor called him the best writer she'd ever taught at Wyoming.
When I saw him in high school he was the best Wyoming HS debater I had seen up to that point and remains in the top three.
He's also incredibly nice.  It's kind of sad we said goodbye to three of the nicest debaters I've ever known this year--but at least Schmerge will be hanging about and Crowe will be coaching for us and maybe even graduating.    But Aaron, among the nicest of the nice...he's out like the shadowy wispy waif he is.  And I could never even tell if he was at squad meetings because he would cover his whole body with a hoody, like some gangsterish harry potter...

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One more apology, it has come to my attention that I have at least met the person in the bio before (judged him once).  I truly am an ass...I feel awful for in anyway marginalizing someone people obviously think a great deal of.....I am really really sorry, 
Mike is totally right, this bio was exactly what I was hoping for and I overreacted thinking it was something it was not.
Serious apologies, 
On 5/9/07, Josh <jbhdb8 at gmail.com> wrote: 

I realized entirely I missed the boat on that one.....just was getting so much blowback from the "boys will be boys crowd" that it was unbelievable considering I was actually trying to be moderate.  The reason I misunderstood is because I assumed it was a fictional character....I didnt know the guy they did the fake bio on. 
As for the picture issue, he he
Love you too, I am certainly wrong often,

On 5/9/07, Michael Korcok < mmk_savant at hotmail.com> wrote: 

You DO understand the real problem here... a great DCA-like bio for Lyttle gets written and posted...  classy, funny, warm, excellent all around... probably THE role model bio as far as meeting your criteria for a good bio... and YOU think it's a PARODY... I love you man, but...   on a related topic, is there a way for me to post a photo of Jason Russell from 15 years ago the next time he does a grumpy/terse post here?  it isn't a close-up shot of his hairy ass or anything...  it still rankles that no one can send in-line pictures in e-debate posts any more because jerks were putting porn into their posts.  I understand why, of course, but still... Michael Korcok

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