[eDebate] Narrow the topic can you please...

Danielle Verney daisy_verney
Tue May 15 09:48:16 CDT 2007


I was wondering what your reasoning was for saying that a narrow topic is 
bad for smaller schools who do traditional debate.

As the coach of a small-ish school (or really more a medium school with a 
small coaching staff and a lot of younger debaters) which does very 
traditional debate, I thought that narrower topics were better for a couple 
of reasons:

*More specific disadvantage and counterplan ground--so judges don't have to 
hear the same agent counterplan + politics debate every round and so 
debaters get to have varied strategies from round to round

* Better case evidence on the neg

* Easier to assign a very specific area to a younger debater--some of our 
kids aren't so great at executing "okay, go cut a disad" but are stellar at 
"find a card that says X", which seems easier on a narrower topic, 
particularly earlier in the season.

Perhaps this has less to do with being a smaller school and more to do with 
being a novice and JV based program which does traditional debate?

Danielle Verney O'Gorman
Navy Debate

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