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Gordon Stables stables
Tue May 15 14:15:39 CDT 2007

It is a sad, sad sign for our community that one of my immediate reactions
upon hearing this news was that I was waiting for the first rude and
insensitive post.


I am far too busy with topic work to get into a long back and forth today,
so consider this my only comment.


We in debate rarely agree on a lot of things, but hopefully we agree that
there is a value in a process like debate where students can exchange ideas
and learn from each other and their coaches. Regardless of the political or
personal ideologies of those students or coaches, debate can only work when
people are willing to be open to those ideas.


You don't have to know or care anything about Dr. Falwell outside of debate
to realize that he was one of the most passionate supporters of our
activity. His long-standing commitment to a program allowed a lot of
students, many of which didn't have high school experience, to grow and
learn from debate. He supported expanding their program, hosting the NDT as
well as a large tournament each year. At that tournament he took the unusual
step of appearing before the participants and answering their questions.
Anyone who witnessed any of these sessions will remember how much he took
part in the very willingness to hear opposing arguments that we find so


Apart from the general rudeness and callousness of celebrating anyone's
passing, we have to keep in mind that we lost perhaps the most passionate
supported of debate among university presidents or chancellors.  His teams,
unlike many of more enlightened liberal programs, never had ideological
restrictions on their arguments or their willingness to support the


In that way Andy and Dr. Falwell both cared deeply about the activity. I
just wish you took the high road Andy. You are a better person than this.




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i cant seem to find the smiley, for smiling from ear to ear because the
world became a better place today, so this will just have to do :)

PS-i know we arent supposed to celebrate it when people die, but to me thats
kinda silly, he was a bad person that did a lot of damage to a lot of
people, and made the world a less good place. Our world is better with out
him, as if he where Stijdom, Sharon, or Cheney.... 

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