[eDebate] Falwell passes

louden louden
Tue May 15 14:58:40 CDT 2007

We recognize he was /human and that he passed/. Political exaltation or 
fixing blame ought to wait at least a respectful period of time.

On 5/15/2007 3:36 PM, Andy Ellis wrote:

> Sorry,
> his benefit to debate does not outweigh the detriment he caused the 
> world...
> i dont understand this type of thinking...that we should exonerate 
> people from the destruction they caused simply because they died....I 
> included anologies purpsoefully, Stijion while alive impelmented 
> apartheid, Sharon inetntionally started a war that has killed 
> thousands, and before that did a lot of bad as well, Cheney has been 
> the archictecht of a world system, that will kill hundreds of 
> thousands...falwell has led a fundementalist christian theological 
> takeover of our democracy, that in ways supports all the above but 
> s.african apatheid...sorry if it doesnt seem like the high road, but i 
> smile every time the world becomes a better place and Falwell no 
> longer doing his work makes the world better from my perspective.
> On 5/15/07, *Gordon Stables* <stables at usc.edu 
> <mailto:stables at usc.edu>> wrote:
>     It is a sad, sad sign for our community that one of my immediate
>     reactions upon hearing this news was that I was waiting for the
>     first rude and insensitive post.
>     I am far too busy with topic work to get into a long back and
>     forth today, so consider this my only comment.
>     We in debate rarely agree on a lot of things, but hopefully we
>     agree that there is a value in a process like debate where
>     students can exchange ideas and learn from each other and their
>     coaches. Regardless of the political or personal ideologies of
>     those students or coaches, debate can only work when people are
>     willing to be open to those ideas.
>     You don't have to know or care anything about Dr. Falwell outside
>     of debate to realize that he was one of the most passionate
>     supporters of our activity. His long-standing commitment to a
>     program allowed a lot of students, many of which didn't have high
>     school experience, to grow and learn from debate. He supported
>     expanding their program, hosting the NDT as well as a large
>     tournament each year. At that tournament he took the unusual step
>     of appearing before the participants and answering their
>     questions. Anyone who witnessed any of these sessions will
>     remember how much he took part in the very willingness to hear
>     opposing arguments that we find so valuable.
>     Apart from the general rudeness and callousness of celebrating
>     anyone's passing, we have to keep in mind that we lost perhaps the
>     most passionate supported of debate among university presidents or
>     chancellors.  His teams, unlike many of more enlightened liberal
>     programs, never had ideological restrictions on their arguments or
>     their willingness to support the community.
>     In that way Andy and Dr. Falwell both cared deeply about the
>     activity. I just wish you took the high road Andy. You are a
>     better person than this.
>     Gordon
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>     i cant seem to find the smiley, for smiling from ear to ear
>     because the world became a better place today, so this will just
>     have to do :)
>     Andy
>     PS-i know we arent supposed to celebrate it when people die, but
>     to me thats kinda silly, he was a bad person that did a lot of
>     damage to a lot of people, and made the world a less good place.
>     Our world is better with out him, as if he where Stijdom, Sharon,
>     or Cheney....
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>     http://abcnews.go.com/US/wireStory?id=3176379
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