[eDebate] Falwell Passing

Danielle Verney daisy_verney
Tue May 15 15:47:18 CDT 2007

I think some sensitivity would be warranted here.  As a Catholic, I was 
offended by public celebrations of the Pope's death.  I would guess that 
there are some on this forum who feel much the same way about Dr. Falwell, 
and I think we should respect those feelings.

There are also those who knew him personally and considered him to be a 
friend and a counsellor, and I think we should be particularly sensitive to 
the loss that they are feeling.

Additionally, his contributions to debate, particularly on the novice level, 
cannot be denied and should not be ignored.

Finally, I think it's important to remember that, though the community for 
the most part leans (perhaps heavily) to the left, we ought to extend our 
tolerance and inclusiveness to political and religious conservatives as 
well, if only because constantly debating people who agree with you is less 
interesting fun than debating those with a genuinely different point of 

Danielle Verney O'Gorman

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