[eDebate] Falwell Passing

Forrest Pearce pearfg5
Tue May 15 15:53:10 CDT 2007

No, the reason you lost here is because you're a fucking dumbass. I've never
been inspired to post here before but this is out of control.

There are obviously people who know and respect Falwell who will be reading this
list-serve, the fact that they have to be subject to the filth you put up here
earlier in the day is ridiculously insensitive.

Your argument that we should be happy when people who we disagree with
politically die is absurd:
a)the reason that we disagree with a political ideology is because we think that
ideology causes problems in the world
b)anyone who is at all politically motivated contributes in a way to the success
of the ideology they choose
c) by your own logic, we should be happy when anyone dies who is not aligned
with us in all political views, because from our perspective they are
contributing to global suffering

Pol Pot? Stalin? Are you fucking serious? Get some perspective. The only person
who should be compared to Hitler here is you, as I'm sure he was happy about
the deaths of many people who's religious views he felt were causing a
"takeover" in his country.

At least Falwell had the courage to apologize the day after he made those 9/11
comments, you should be mature enough to do the same.

Quoting Andy Ellis <andy.edebate at gmail.com>:

> I would think that it likely meant that i had been effective, if i could be
> half as effective as falwell in acheiving my political goals, i would
> imagine there would be some smiles...thats fine, and you know what i bet the
> good reverend would agree with me.
> Stables and Galloway seem on the same page...the page that says lets look to
> his lifes work to decide about his passing...i may not be winning that
> debate an no one may be enagaging it, but IT DOES OPEN THE DOOR to
> discussions about other implications stemming from his work...Louden, seems
> to get that, and doesnt exalt or blame, and i guess that makes more sense,
> but to me seems to ignore  that falwell  as we know him is through his
> work...in a sense i only lose because i was the first person to make an
> arg...its like a davis, dunn, turley panel
> On 5/15/07, Duane Hyland <privethedge at yahoo.com> wrote:
> >
> > Really? Stunned???? Does anything on edebate really stun anyone?
> >
> > Say what you will about Falwell, and you can say plenty (his comments
> > about 9/11 moved me to try to move the Virginia High School state debate
> > tourney from Liberty) the man was a friend to debate.
> >
> > And, Andy - you should reflect that your habit of smiling when the world
> > is made better is kind of a vague and arbitrary standard...while you
> applaud
> > the death of Falwell, can you be sure that nobody will applaud your passing
> > as well?
> >
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> > for truth; if wrong, they lose, what is almost as great a benefit, the
> > clearer perception and livelier impression of truth, produced by  its
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