[eDebate] Falwell passes

Whit Whitmore whit_whitmore
Tue May 15 15:56:32 CDT 2007

On 5/15/07, Andy Ellis wrote:
"Does the same apply for bin laden, hussein, stalin, hitler, pol pot, che, reagan, i just dont get it, i recognize his humanity, im sad for his family, genuinely...but i dont really know the man, but do know his effect and work to orient the political climate of this country, and know that the whole world will be better tomorrow than it was today. I guess im saying its no more disrespectful to ignore the mans humanity than it is to ignore the work the man dedicated his life to. So be sad for the mans family and loved ones, recognize that we dont all die having lived lives that make things better, and pay honor to his lifes work by recognizing the impact it had."
Andy, looking back on the edebate archives from December, I don't seem to see your celebratory posts for the death of Saddam and Pinochet. If it's true that Falwell (and Reagan?) are in the same company, then why didn't we get updates on your facial expression on 12/10/06 and 12/30/06. 

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