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Alyse Kraus alyse.kraus
Tue May 15 19:06:05 CDT 2007

" i cant seem to find the smiley, for smiling from ear to ear because the
world became a better place today, so this will just have to do :)"

Why am I not surprised that you were the first person to make some
insensitive and rude comment?

Say what you want about his political beliefs, disagree with them if you
want to (I know I did) but one thing you, as a member of the debate
community, should apprectiate is that he was EXTREMELY committed to
supporting debate.  The Liberty debate team literally would not exist were
it not for the support of Dr. Falwell.  He was so intent on having debate be
part of the student experience at Liberty that he single-handedly ensured
the program would survive during its early years.  When I was a sophomore
and we traveled a team so large that our budget was nearly gone by the time
ADA Nats and Towson rolled around, Dr. Falwell put up enough of his own
money to ensure that the teams would make it to those last two tournaments
(the amount isn't important but it was enough to send nearly 20 debaters to
Towson and to Boston for ADA's).

He also personally recognized the Liberty debate team nearly every chance he
got and was the single biggest supporter of Liberty debate I ever met.
Years ago at the Liberty tournament when those who attended the tournament
were told they weren't allowed to smoke, someone asked Dr. Falwell about it
at the banquet and he said that he didn't think that was fair.  He supported
the coaching staff every year when they informed the RA's and Faculty
members not to harass the sometimes strange groups of people hanging around
campus smoking.  It seems like something small but it shows that the man was
nothing if not committed to the presence of debate at Liberty.  He also made
time out of a pretty busy schedule to attend the banquet of the Liberty
tournament EVERY year and make himself available for questions.  Regardless
of whether or not you liked his answers, he made himself available.  I don't
know of any faculty or administration members at other schools who ever did

I agree with Gordon. It's sad that the moment I heard he passed my immediate
thought was "Now which person on edebate will be the first to make an
asinine and crass remark about how it's good that we're 'rid' of Falwell?"

Congratulations Andy, you once again have set a high standard that many in
our community which preaches tolerance of opinions and ideas can aspire to -
you must be proud.

My condolences to everyone at LU,

Alyse Kraus
Catholic University, formerly Liberty University
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