[eDebate] Later Jerry. . . .

Jason Jarvis debatekorea
Wed May 16 00:56:45 CDT 2007

......just got the news about the passing of Falwell.  I dont like to revel 
in the death of anyone.  I am sure his family and his university is 
grieving.  My regrets and condolences to their pain.

Jerry wasnt a Nazi.....he was just an ignorant bigot with a very public 
platform.  Ellis may have gone too far......However, it is impossible to 
ignore the fairly terrible things he advocated.  I know people who have died 
of AIDS, I have gay friends and family members who suffer from the bigotry 
and ignorance he so unapologetically espoused.

He supported debate.  Hurrah!  However, it was for a political end that he 
felt debate helped him to achieve.  His Q and A sessions were a lovely 
example of non-sequiters and smoke and mirrors camouflaged as open 

Religious zealots that mix politics with god are dangerous, whether its 
Osama, Jerry Falwell, Ahmadenijad or George Bush.  At the end of the day I 
feel sorry for his loved ones, but I wont miss him or his bigotry one iota.

I cant remember him ever apologizing to my family or loved ones....dont know 
why anyone else ought to be apologetic for feeling the same way I do.

Jason L. Jarvis

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