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Danielle Verney daisy_verney
Wed May 16 05:30:58 CDT 2007

I think the point that many of us were trying to make was that some of Dr. 
Falwell's students and friends are on edebate, and that it seems unfair to 
post nasty comments about someone's mentor/friend/boss/pastor to a listserv 
that you know that they read for professional or extracurricular reasons.

I don't think anyone would be pissed at Andy for putting his comments on his 
MySpace page, or his blog, or writing them down, or saying them out loud.  
But I think it shows a remarkable lack of sensitivity for people in our 
community who are grieving to say them in a way that delivers them to 
Liberty students' and faculty's inboxes.  I can tell you for certain that 
if, less than a day after my death, someone posted to edebate calling me a 
dictator and accusing me of committing atrocities, my students would be 
terribly upset by it.  Why?  Because in a time of grief, they have nasty 
messages about a friend and mentor being delivered to their inboxes from a 
community that perhaps they thought might care about them.

No one was asking anyone to trumpet Dr. Falwell as a paragon of virtue and 
humanity, or to say things that they didn't believe...I think all we were 
asking for was a little sympathy for our friends.  If the best way to 
manifest that sympathy was through silence, that would have been more than 

The Liberty debaters and staff have never showed anything but kindness to me 
and to my students.  I have only ever seen them be gracious to others in the 
community, including those with whose politics they vehemently disagree.  I 
had hoped that the community could muster enough kindness and grace to 
support them in their grief...I guess that was too much to ask.

Danielle Verney O'Gorman

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