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So what, precisely, WOULD make someone's life worth less than Andy's?  

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I don't often post things here.  The posts are often over the top, and that doesn't surprise me.  This is the debate community, after all.  However, Andy's comments floored me.  
It is one thing to celebrate a despot's removal from power, but quite another to rejoice at the death of a human being.  For all your talk about body counts, Andy, you seem to lack a basic respect for human life.  Who are you to qualify whether someone's death should be celebrated?   We should always be striving to uphold human dignity, and your post in no way accomplishes this goal.  Given the logical jumps you've been making between Falwell's activity in politics and body counts, maybe you should consider that celebrating the death of one person opens the door to doing the same in terms of other individuals, other groups, and, well, you know the story.  What kind of moral framework is that? 
Here is a thought: perhaps we should lament the fact that Falwell died not only because he contributed to the debate community, but also because he passed before recognizing the error of his ways regarding the manner in which he mixed faith and politics.  I would think that as a member of the debate community, you would want people to experience knowledge in a way that allows them to change their mind when confronted with information that proves their point of view wrong.  But no one is going to want to listen to your point of view if you would rather see them dead than given the opportunity to change because they don't share your political ideology.  
So Falwell mixed faith and politics.  So he did it in a way that runs contrary to actual Christian theology.  So you disagree with him. Does that make his life of less worth than yours?  I would hope your answer would be an emphatic 'NO', but at this point, I'm afraid to ask.   
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