[eDebate] WDI sholarship Deadline....come to WDI

Kuswa, Kevin kkuswa
Fri May 18 06:20:13 CDT 2007

hi all,
College debater?  Think about WDI.  it will be a great place to improve and get a start on the topic.
The WDI Scholars have already started some general research and our planning is well underway.
We have attached our current schedule and explanations so you know what to expect.
Hope to see you in Vermont later this summer.


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Come be a part of the World Debate Institute's college policy debate
program this summer. Apply for a scholarship to make it possible.

Jackie Massey, Kevin Kuswa, Sarah Snider, David Register, Gordie Miller
and more will work along with our outstanding group of WDI Scholars.

You can come for one weekend (topic lectures, evidence set, 4 practice
debates, party) or for one week (more, more) or the full two weeks (much

No hidden costs at WDI - copying, printing, supplies, Lexis-Nexis codes,
tshirt, full evidence set, social activities - all included.

Information is at http://debate.uvm.edu/wdi/

The deadline for scholarship applications is the end of May.

Please email janet.nunziata at uvm.edu if you have questions, or
mikyung.kwon at uvm.edu, or me, although I am currently in Mexico on
vacation, but I love to hear from you.


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