[eDebate] Join Baltimore College Debate Or pre pay some entry fees for next year!

Andy Ellis andy.edebate
Tue May 22 16:52:27 CDT 2007

Mike Davis made a good point.

If you buy a membership it would free up more of that money for programing
if we couldd just give you the T shirt next time we see you. Since i already
made the offer, please indicate in the special comments part of checkout
your willingness to pick up the shirts. Starting June 1st the policy will
change and if you want the shirt mailed we will add the cost of shipping to
your order, thanks mike and if other people have similar suggestions please
let me know.

On 5/22/07, Andy Ellis <andy.edebate at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello,
> I am finalizing my website and online store however i thought if there are
> folks looking to spend some budget money before the end of the month i have
> a plan ( and its not quite the 2ar yet).
> Baltimore College Debate will be selling memberships and entry fee credits
> on line in order to cover our expenses for next years Baltimore College
> Debate tournaments.
> Check out more information on the Baltimore Collge Debate project at
> www.baltimorecollegedebate.org
> Entry Fee Credits can be pre purchased and are good for any team at any
> point during the season. You can transfer your entry fee credits, or give
> them to us to support new programs. If you really liked  we will permit
> trading of them....as i develop the scripts and databases to manange the
> credits i will give you more information on it....
> We are offering Memberships to Baltimore College Debate for Next Year.
> These will include 8 entry fee credits( a $120 value), a BCD T shirt
> (to be shipped seperately), access to all BCD evidence and curriculum
> resources, and our email newsletter, and a 10 per cent discount on
> summer 2008 Baltimore Debate Cooperative. Your support now helps us to
> start the season with money we need for our tournaments.
> We are as of yet not a non profit and the articles of business
> incorporation are on the way, thus this is not a tax-deductible
> charitable contribution, it is simply a way to help support a program
> you know can work.
> Membership can be purchased on line at
> https://theyoursstore.com/displayProductDocument.hg?productId=2&categoryId=3
> the estore takes credit cards,checks or paypal and if you need a
> receipt beyond what you are given in the invoice let us know and we
> will make something for you.
> Memberships are for the 2007-2008 season, if you have any questions
> please contact me either here or at andy at baltimorecollegedebate.org
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