[eDebate] Formal list of resolutions from the Topic Committee

helwich at macalester.edu helwich
Wed May 23 17:50:01 CDT 2007

I guess I'll put my foot into it--

None of these topics are *bad* Any of them are debatable. 

"We" have already found solvency cards for most of the mechs for most of the countries, and Gophers seem to be slow starters on research.

The topics also reflect the mandate of the controversy voting process, which seems to solve many of the criticisms leveled last year.

If you are worried that the topics are too constraining, "constructive engagement" can be interpreted to cover a lot of potential foreign policy actions--you just have to defend against the exclude SG or FA PIC under all by rez #3. This check worked well in terms of aff flex and neg predictability for the sanctions topic, and my reading so far gives me no reason to believe it will fail this season.

My initial reaction is that I prefer #4.


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