[eDebate] analogies

Bob db8coach
Fri May 25 17:13:33 CDT 2007

Wow, I can't believe I am reading this.

The analogy below, made by Korcok, is quite possibly the SECOND least appropriate and ill-conceived analogy I've ever heard.  He should be ashamed for writing it.  He should initiate a self-imposed exile from edebate of a period no less than six months for coming up with this horrid analogy.  mjs

 Isn't this from the guy who defended Andy's right to free speech when he applauded the death of a human being??? Now he wants Mike to self impose an exile for saying some topics were shitty? Not the topic committee personally (I happen to know he has much respect for many of them), just the topics mind you. 

Matt, your head is in the WRONG place when you defend the right to say a human death is good but condemn citicizing topics as bad. 

Remember folks, even terrific hard working people can produce shitty results. I think the world of those topic committee members that I know. I also think that these resolutions are quite possibly the worst I have ever seen. It happens. 

And no, I was nowhere near a computer this past few days when the wordings were being discussed. Had I seen these resolutions (before they were finalized) I would have said that they are wordy, convoluted, difficult to comprehend, and are going to create nightmarish T debates. Oh you can pose and tell me that I am wrong, but I will expect an apology after the tournaments begin.

Bob Lechtreck

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