[eDebate] What is wrong with giving the aff room to breath under a"clean" topic?

Danielle Verney daisy_verney
Thu May 24 15:41:50 CDT 2007

Now your complaints are just getting sloppy.  First of all you are mixing up 
criticisms of the topic, the rez, topic writing elegance, and the room the 
topic gives for aff flex.  This constant shifting makes your criticisms 
annoying and unconstructive.
As to aff room to breathe... No, I am not worried about a creative aff in 
quarters Wake - I am worried about JV/Novice rounds at ADA tournaments.  My 
fear about too much aff flex is that the topic allows so many disjointed 
affs and small affs that there is no way to keep up with case negs given a 
small research staff and you have no choice but to rely on Consult CPs, 
Generic Ks, and Generic Politics all year.  I see this as shallow debate, 
and it sucks.  If you run the send lollipops plan - you are right I can 
engage with these generics; woohoo! - but they suck compared to your 
specific lolipops are awesome (which they are) and kids are awesome (also 
true) advantages they suck - and more importantly generics onlys is bad 
A good rez, for me, has to lock the aff in to the one controversial thing - 
but flex as to other things the aff can do.  E.g. sanctions topic - have to 
lift all or nearly all  sanctions - but can do a bunch of different things 
under CE.
Most of these resolutions are not all that aff restrictive, # 3 is, but the 
1 and 4 let you do anything you would do under your "clean" topic as long as 
you include either a security guarantee or an increase in foreign 
assistance.  Foreign assistance is a particularly broad category that would 
seem to include almost anything - except diplomatic moves, which you can do 
- you just also have to do foreign assistance.  Thus 1 and 4 let you do 
essentially anything non-squirrelly - what is the problem with them?  2 lets 
you do foreign assistance or security guarantees only - which is still a lot 
given the breadth of the term foreign assistance.  Locking the aff into a 
security guarantee or foreign assistance is nothing like locking in troops 
or political opposition.  Your complaint about aff lacking room to breathe 
here is sillier than your complaint about clunky wording.  Seriously what is 
your big deal about CE must include security guarantee or foreign assistance 
as opposed to unmoddified CE?
Your solution to how to word a rez so we can have a Golan Heights debate is 
to not have it!  Wonderful! I am sure no one wanted to debate the peace 
process when we picked the middle east!  And you eliminated 4 of the 5 
presumptively included countries in the topic paper!  How faithful to your 
criticism that the community should have a clearer idea of the rez from that 
paper!  Excellent solution!
Also you have just traded country flex for mechanism flex (and not much 
mechanism flex) - so you are more restrictive to the aff now than the 
committee.  WTF?  The only benefit to this rez is your much vaunted 
"clarity".  You really think its more important to get the rez down utter 
simplicity than to follow the topic paper and let people who are interested 
in other parts of the ME debate them?
You didn't make it easier on yourself research wise.  The plans on the Iran 
topic are going to be subject to the same change the plan mechanism slightly 
CPs, the consult CPs, Israel, other relations, generic Ks and other actor 
COs.  You say you only have to deal with 1 country now, but thats true for 
the broader ME topic as well -- you only need answers to the CPs for the 
country your Aff deals with!  You don't need to come up with a million 
different negative strats when you are neg - you can focus on the ones you 
Finally, while you don't have to like the ME topic - if its the topic you 
don't like then cop to that and stop pretending that the committe is ramming 
something down your throat.  We voted on the topic, you lost, blame the 
community's love of Foreign Policy topics, but don't blame the rez process 
(btw of the 70 schools that voted on the topic ME got 31 first ballot votes 
- and 43 votes by final round).
1. USFG should adopt a policy of CE to Iran which must include SG or an 
increase of FA NOT big difference from USFG should adopt a policy of CE to 
Iran -- so aff is not being unduly restricted!
2. No good reason not to include other countires than Iran in a ME topic - 
3. "Clean" wordings are something of not too much value which you are 
fetishizing for no good reason.

Tom O'Gorman
tomogorman at gmail.com

>From: scottelliott at grandecom.net
>To: edebate at ndtceda.com
>Subject: [eDebate] What is wrong with giving the aff room to breath under 
>a"clean" topic?
>Date: Thu, 24 May 2007 14:38:37 -0500
>I heard this on the g--ddamn Courts topic and now I am hearing it again on 
>one. Why are all of you hacks so worried that a school may bust out a new 
>creative affirmative on your ass in Quarters at Wake? You seem to want to
>resolution to write the exact affirmative plan text. Why not add next to
>security guarantees that each guarante must be supported by at least 10,000
>u.S. troops to guarantee you your overstretch links. Why not add in, "must 
>adopted over the objectionss of House republicans" to make sure you have a
>crappy politics link.
>If I want to run constructive engagement as sending lollipops to Assad's 
>you on the negative have literally a thousand ways to beat the shit out of 
>How would I get out of the Golan Heights, etc.? For what it is worth, which 
>not squat, since is does not matter what anybody says now, these are the 
>you are stuck with, I would have written the following:
>"Resolved: the USFG should constructively engage Iran." or "Resolved: the 
>should adopt a policy of constructive engagement with Iran."
>That's it. I guarantee you there is an entire year of VARSITY, ELITE school
>debate in this one simple declarative statement. Entire academic careers of
>hundreds of professors have been and are being devoted to this single and
>clearly written resolution. At the same time, there is room for the middle 
>room for novice and jv debate. There is room for the creative case and room 
>a middle of a road case. But, there is also two core areas that everyone 
>they are going to debate: 1) the U.S. has a major foriegn policy shift with 
>of the Axis of Evil Countries and 2) it is Iran.
>But, that is all water under the bridge now.
>And, to answer back some of the shit of, "thats a ME topic, deal with it," 
>have two responses:
>1) It is easier to deal with 180 consultation c-plans and a million 
>arguments when one country is at issue. Under the current topics, 
>everything I
>have listed is multiplied automatically by a factor of at least five, and 
>when Israel is added.
>2) I did not vote for the ME topic, nor would I have voted for it. Just 
>20, yes, I estimate actually only 20, (maybe 30 tops), schools actually 
>for the ME topic area means I have to like it or accept it.
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