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Steven D'Amico stevendamico
Fri May 25 07:04:04 CDT 2007


You make a good point but here's where I disagree.

This is a question of tactics and the way we teach our students to be
respectful and useful members of society. If there is an outside chance the
resolution will change the only way he can get that done is by persuading
the topic committee that it should be done. It is much more likely that he
would have been able to do that, had his attitude been different.

I also don't think these rants help anyone lead by example very well. Sure,
Mike can say whatever the heck he wants, and of course he was sharing his
opinion (one that is probably valid) but he wasn't "just" doing that. He
was acting like a jerk. The way that he expressed his opinion was not
productive at all.

We are an activity which teaches students persuasion, and we all know
berating someone till they give in doesn't work. Debate helped teach me not
to be a jerk anymore, or at least try harder not to be one (we all slip up
sometimes). I just wish more people learned that lesson.

Steve D'Amico

On 5/26/07, Bob <db8coach at cox.net> wrote:
>  >>>>>>>>>>
> Michael, you don't get sugar when you disrespect others. That's the
> exception to the rule.
> I think your reply just proves my point about your attitude of negativity.
> But regardless, the resolutions are what they are. Now adapt.
> >>>>>>>>>>
> Ok, maybe I am a bit dense, but why does he need to use honey again??? You
> say yourself that the resolutions are what they are. So why the honey? Sure,
> if there was a chance of his getting the committee to change something I
> could see him using the honey rather than vinegar. But that isn't the case
> is it?
> So the bottom line is that Mike was just sharing his opinion. He does
> that. Everyone should just adapt.
> Bob
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