[eDebate] Topic research-the laughs continue

Chris Crowe velcrowe
Thu May 31 21:13:54 CDT 2007

Umm...  I think that would lose to the "You're Stupid" disad.

Finding a couple of bad cards under the umbrella of the topic and then
denouncing the entire topic is an awesome exercise in inductive reasoning

But to be serious...  Small crappy affs that do whatever and tack on a
security guarantee will get destroyed.  You don't have a literature-based
reason why you have to do both, so counterplan out of the crap you have
zilch on and you're good.  If you don't have a couple (hundred) cards about
security guarantees being bad going into this season, then you should think
of a better way to spend your summer research time.  I mean, I know the
topic is long and difficult and 18 year-old college kids are apparently too
dumb to figure it out, but if we're patient and use our best context clues,
we'll be okay.

Christopher Crowe
University of Wyoming
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