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After some helpful backchannel discussion (thanks Chief, Joe, Neil and
Andy), we've come up with a clarification statement for JV eligibility at
the tournament.  I hope that this improves clarity but if you have either
general questions or a specific situation please ask either via edebate or
backchannel to me or to Chief, the tournament director.

"Debaters in their first or second year of post-novice eligibility are
eligible to compete in the JV Division.  The number of final rounds and/or
qualification for the NDT is irrelevant when it comes to JV eligibility for
this tournament."

This statement has been added to the section of the invite.  It's on
debateresults and also pasted below.


Dear Colleagues,

It is our pleasure to invite you for a weekend of excellent hospitality and
challenging competition at the Novice/Junior Varsity National Championships
at Towson University March 1-3, 2008.

The tournament will feature 7 rounds of junior varsity and novice
competition on the national NDT/CEDA topic. We will operate on a 9-3-6
format with 10-minutes preparation time per team. On behalf of our coaching
staff, Beth Skinner, Chris Baron, Andy Ellis and team president David
Biglari, we look forward to hosting you in March.

Darren C. Goins, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor & Director, Towson University
Speech & Debate Program

In brief
Fees: $90/team ($45 for new programs) Make Checks out to: "TU Foundation"
Dates: Friday 2/29-Monday 3/4, 2008 Number of Prelim Rounds: 7
Starting Time: 8:00 am, Saturday 3/1 Ending Time: 9:00pm, Monday 3/4
Hotel: Holiday Inn Select-Timonium, $89/night (1 king), $94/night (2
2004 Greenspring Drive
Timonium MD 21093-4114
Contact: Bob Boulter 410-252-7373 Tournament Director: Darren Elliott
Entry deadline: 10:00 pm 2/27
Preference deadline: 10:00 pm 2/29

Important Note: In order to be paired in the tournament, teams must confirm
the accuracy of their registration Friday by 10:00 pm either at the hotel or
by phone to Darren Elliot (316-214-9502).
For issues other than entries and prefs call Beth Skinner (443-562-2269).

Judging: One judge is required for every four debaters. Limited hired
judging will be available at $100 for one two-person team. We will not
accept undergraduate judges except in special circumstances and then only
with the prior clearance of the tournament director please make these
requests early. All judges are obligated through the latter of a) the round
following their last team's elimination; or b) the first two elimination

Critic's Award: We encourage critics to provide oral critiques. At the
conclusion of the 7th round, all teams will receive a ballot with the names
of all seven of their judges and will rank and rate these judges. Judge
ranks and ratings will be averaged and judges who have received ratings from
at least four rounds (8 teams) qualify for the award.

Tournament Procedures: Rounds 1-2 are random presets, 3-7 are power matched.
Judge preferences entered online (
http://commweb.fullerton.edu/jbruschke/web/index.aspx) by 10:00 pm on Friday
will take effect starting with Round 1. The tournament will abide by CEDA's
policies. Darren Elliott will act as tournament director and each CEDA
region is invited to select a representative to assist in tournament
administration (although you must still cover your judging obligations).

Divisons: Novice and junior varsity according to CEDA eligibility rules
which are available at http://www.cedadebate.org/page16/page16.html. These
rules read:
"A novice is defined as an individual with no more than 24 rounds of team
policy debate at the high school or college level, or CEDA non-policy
debate. Once debaters start as a novice they remain a novice for the entire
academic year. However, if debaters have not advanced to elimination rounds
at two tournaments during that first year of novice eligibility they are
entitled to a second year of eligibility until advancing to elimination
rounds in two tournaments or upon completion of the second academic year.
Upon completion of novice eligibility, debaters will be eligible to debate
in junior varsity for two academic years, or until they advance to the final
round of three open, junior varsity or varsity tournaments, or until they
qualify for the National Debate Tournament. An exception will be made for
Junior Varsity national tournaments. A waiver process for this section may
be established by the Executive Council for extraordinary situations."
Our interpretation is that if a debater begins the year with junior varsity
eligibility that person is eligible to compete at this tournament.  Debaters
in their first or second year of post-novice eligibility are eligible to
compete in the JV Division.  The number of final rounds and/or qualification
for the NDT is irrelevant when it comes to JV eligibility for this

Awards: The tournament will feature artistically created designed ceramic
awards. Those receiving awards include the top 20 speakers in each division.
All teams with wining records in the preliminary rounds will advance and
receive awards. The top 5 critics and the coaches with teams in quarters,
semis and finals will also receive awards.

Accommodations: Towson University is committed to ensuring that persons with
disabilities are given an equally effective opportunity to participate in
and benefit from the university's programs and services. Persons with
disabilities who might need reasonable accommodations should contact Beth
Skinner at 443-562-2269.

Hotel: Holiday Inn Select in Timonium. This hotel is being upgraded to a
Crown Plaza during the summer of 2007 so the name will likely change by the
time of the tournament. Reservations can be made at 410/252-7373 ext 761. Be
sure to mention Towson Debate to get the block rates ($89/night for a king
room, $94/night for double doubles). The block closes 2/2/08. The hotel is
located at 2004 Greenspring Dr. Timonium MD 21093-4114. If you need
assistance with other hotel arrangements contact Beth Skinner at

Transportation: We are not able to provide transportation to teams attending
the tournament. Those flying have several choices. Baltimore-Washington
International Airports is served by many carriers and is closest to
Towson0approximately 40 minutes from the University. You may also want to
check Dulles and Washington National (Reagan) Airports in the Washington
Area (about 75 miles away).

Driving Directions:

Towson University to Holiday Inn Select in Timonium
Exit campus by turning left on Towsontown Blvd.
At Charles Street (Route 139) turn right and continue 1.7 miles.
Take the ramp to I-695 West and bear right on to the I-83 North Ramp.
Continue on I-83 to exit 16A Timonium Road East.
Turn right onto Greenspring Drive, the hotel is located on your right at
2004 Greenspring Drive.

Holiday Inn Select in Timonium to Towson University
>From Greenspring Drive turn left onto Timonium Road
Take the I-83 South Ramp
When I-83 Ends, bear left off I695 East and stay in the right lane.
Take the exit for Charles Street (Rouge 139) and turn right heading south on
After 1.7 miles, turn left at Towsontown Boulevard.
At University Avenue turn right into campus, parking is in the Towsontwon
Garage, debaters and evidence may be dropped off in the circle just past the
garage and to the right.

Registration: Please use debateresults.com to enter teams, judges and
preferences. The deadline to enter Wednesday, 2/27 at 10:00 pm and
preferences must be entered on debateresults.com Friday, 2/29 by 10:00 pm.
All participants must CONFIRM their entries, either at Friday night
registration or by phone (443-562-2269) by 10:00 pm.

Further information: Beth Skinner at 443-562-2269, eskinner at towson.edu.
Lists of teams entered and additional tournament information may be posted
to edebate.

February 29 Registration, Holiday Inn Select 7:00-10:00pm

March 1 Pairings via edebate and at Psychology 108 7:30
Round 1 8:30-10:30
Round 2 11:00-1:00
Lunch provided on campus 1:00-2:00
Round 3 2:30-4:30
Round 4 5:30-7:30

March 2 Pairings Released at Campus 7:30

Round 5 8:30-10:30
Round 6 11:30-1:30
Lunch provided on campus 1:30-2:30
Round 7, flip, (powered off 1-6) 3:00-5:00
First elimination round 6:00-8:00

March 3 Pairings, Lobby Holiday Inn Select 7:30
Second Elimination Round 8:00
Awards 11:00
Rest of Elimination Rounds Follow
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