[eDebate] UCO Results

Andrew Michael-Don Casey acasey3
Sun Nov 4 19:48:21 CST 2007

Thanks for coming out everybody. We had a great time, hope y'all did 

1.) Matt Coleman - WSU CR
2.) Ryan Cheek - Weber CD
3.) Rachel Xanttopolous - Northwestern HX
4.) Nick Watts - Oklahoma GW
5.) R.J. Giglio - GW
6.) Jessica Johnson - Mo State FJ
7.) Laura Boyle - Texas BH
8.) Jordan Foley - Mo State FJ
9.) Desiree Hooper - Texas BH
10.) Kelly Thompson - Emporia FT

1.) Casey Howard - Oklahoma HN
2.) Ben Dabari - Oklahoma DZ
3.) Cece Smith - Baylor FS
4.) Jennifer Cox - Oklahoma CW
5.) Heather Woods - Kansas St  CW
6.) Drew Cummings - Kansas St CW
7.) Seth Warder - Oklahoma EW
8.) Paul Eicher - Oklahoma EW
9.) Nathan Ford - Baylor FS
10.) Ashley Denney - Kansas St DF

1.) Rene Naud UT-San Antonio BN
2.) Chelsea Good - K st GS
3.) Ian Stinson K st GS
4.) Ben West - Oklahoma WC
5.) Lindsay Kistler - Oklahoma AK
6.) Justin Archie - Oklahoma AK
7.) Ben Barkley - UTSA BN
8.) Brian Koss - Oklahoma KN
9.) John Gutierrez - ENMU EG
10.) Luo Cxi - Oklahoma WC

Texas CD advance without debating
Kansas JP (n) def. Wichita CR 2-1 cleary, Vega, Davis*
Emporia FT (a) def. Weber CD 2-1 Campbell, Easley, Gordon*
Kansas ST (a) def. Wichita BR 2-1 Andreas, Morris, Russell*
Northwestern HX (n) def. Missouri St. FJ 2-1 Harris, Shook, Tews*
Oklahoma GW (n) def. Wichita BC 3-0 JT, Souders, S Johnson
Texas BH (a) def. Oklahoma BT 3-0 Archer, S Walters, Gerber
UTD AB (a) def. Oklahoma EY 3-0 Richey, Tiffee, Allen

UTD AB (n) def. Texas CD 2-1 Souders, Jarman, Harris*
Texas BH (n) def. Kansas JP 2-1 Davis, JT, Cleary*
Oklahoma GW (a) def. Emporia FT 3-0 Archer, Morris, S Johnson
Northwestern HX (n) def. Oklahoma GW 2-1 Russell, Richey, Naputi*

UTD AB (a) def. Northwestern HX 2-1 Russell, Cleary, Tiffee*
Texas BH (n) def. Oklahoma GW 2-1 Morris, Davis, S. Walters

Finals is now underway:
Texas Boyle/Hooper is affirming against the University of Texas-Dallas 
Abbas/Baker with a panel of Russell, Cleary, Davis

Oklahoma DZ advance without debating
K-state DF advances without debating
Texas Dallas BC (a) def. Oklahoma EW 3-0 Harlow, Leader, Foy
Missouri St. AH (n) def. Oklahoma HN 2-1 Snider, Burk, Jarman*

Oklahoma DZ (n) def Mo state AH 2-1 Tiffee, Harlow, Foy
Texas Dallas BC (a) def K-State DF 3-0 Tews, S Walters, Shook

Oklahoma DZ (n) def. Texas-Dallas BC 3-0 Casey, Ketchum, Naputi

Oklahoma AK advanced over Oklahoma KM
UTSA BN (n) def. K-State GS 3-0 Massey, Halley, Casey

UTSA BN (a) def. Oklahoma AK 3-0 Magariel, Casey, and the Spomertron

The Doug Duke School of Excellence Sweepstakes Award went to the 
University of Oklahoma for the 2nd consecutive year. Oklahoma had a 
combined 41 wins in prelims and cleared 8 of the 11 teams they entered 
in the tournament.  Congratulations to the OU debaters and their 
coaches Jackie Massey and Jason Russell for an excellent tournament.

thanks again to everyone who came out,
Special thanks to Martin Glendinning for running the tab room,

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