[eDebate] new point scale

Malcolm Gordon malgorthewarrior
Sun Nov 4 22:59:46 CST 2007

Let's up the ante here.  100 points, in increments of 1/10 a point.

that's right there will now be 1000 degrees of variation in debate skill.  at the end of the round the judge will just tally all the args you make that are decent.  but you will be deducted one point for every argument you don't answer.  Also, this allows the debaters to determine the value of arguments.  "you have conceded," a phrase heard about one million times every round, will now be "you have conceded x and its worth y points."  A great way to fuse both communication and mathematics into debate.

but seriously, i do support a 100 point system with only whole numbers.  I really do think that the comparison between quality of speech and grade percentage is easy to make and much more universally understood.  C is average, B above average, A excellent.  

Climb to the top of the charts!? Play Star Shuffle:? the word scramble challenge with star power.
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