[eDebate] 100 point scale

David Glass gacggc
Mon Nov 5 16:49:46 CST 2007

At the risk of being painfully obvious, just to do the math... if
you're increasing the point scale approximately 3.3-fold,
that translates to an 89 (rounding to the nearest whole number) where
a person was previously a 27 (27 x 3.3),  a 92 instead of a 28, a 96
where a person was a 29, and a 100 instead of a 30.

So basically instead of "half points" , which gives one additional
discriminator, you get two to three *extra*  points at the range most
commonly used, to make finer distnctions.

As mentioned, you may want to print out the conversion on the ballots,
so that you dont get some people giving a 92 when they mean a 28, and
others giving a 98 when they mean a 28.   ... so to avoid that you may
want to illustrate the math to everyone on the ballot.

Also obviously, simply allowing "quarter points" in addition to "half
points,' within the current system will allow for just as many
options, and may have less risk of people responding to the new scale
in various ways, rendering the first 20 tournaments that use the new
scale essentially random when it comes to this barometer.

David Glass

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