[eDebate] 100 Point Scale Conversion Suggestion

Logan Martin logan.martin
Mon Nov 5 22:11:19 CST 2007

Just a thought:

Whatever the results of the Wake speaker point experiment will be, perhaps
all judges could be encouraged to write on the ballot how they WOULD HAVE
allocated speaker points using the 30 point scale.  These would not have any
bearing on the
tabulation of the tournament itself, but could be invaluable to debaters and
coaches. While it would far exceed my level of expertise, I'm sure there's a
stats guru out there who could look at such numbers in aggregate and give
some more insights on how the system is being adopted (perhaps determining
whether it inflates or deflates points etc.)  On an individual level, if two
different judges in two different rounds awarded, say, an 89, it would be
quite useful to know that in one judge's mind that would be (roughly)
a 27.5and in another a 28.

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