[eDebate] hidden advantage to new scale.

Paul Johnson paulj567
Mon Nov 5 23:51:37 CST 2007

one obvious advantage is that people searching for
more range with the middle-high part of the scale can
find it. I tire of only giving 27.5, 28, 28.5, and 29.
debaters are either awesome, real good, solid, or bad.
thats really about it. the creep is a response on
mypart to community norms- I never want to punish
teams that prefer me because I think that the line on
speaker points needs to be held (the teams I judge are
of course punished enough, by having to listen to my
long winded and convoluted decisions).

BUT a seriously heavy advantage is that there are
certain individuals in the judging pool who have scale
that range more betwee say, 29-30. this new experiment
will provide a fine time for post-tournament
discussion of points and reasoning given. such a
discussion should prove instructive for those who
insist on giving block 100s in the down 6 debate.


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