[eDebate] A Question About the No Hybrid Clearing Norm at ADA Tournaments

Galloway, Ryan W. rwgallow
Tue Nov 6 09:58:04 CST 2007

Was just wondering about the justifications for the "no hybrid clearing rule" provided in the invitation for both Liberty and John Carroll.  

ADA rules allow the tournament director the discretion to clear hybrids if they so choose.  My argument is that this rule makes sense in varsity (avoiding a super-team), may make sense in JV (same argument), but does not make as much sense for novice debate.

To explain further...

The novice we took on the trip to Liberty wants to join the team.  I am eager to get novice debate rolling at Samford, where we have struggled to attract novices.  Getting one novice to stick
around might help us get another, etc.  My experiences at Augustana were that the best recruiters for novice debaters were other novice debaters.  Amanda Essling recruited Amber Dismer who recruited Becca Richardson.  Basically people recruit their friends to debate.

Getting a novice to stay for a while might encourage her to recruit a friend, and then we can go from there.  It might help rejuvenate novice debate at Samford, where it has essentially died over the last several years.

But, with a rule that says she can never clear, I feel it is harder to
convince her to stick around.  Basically, she is working for speaker
awards alone in the status quo.

I think tournament directors should consider giving discretion in the novice (and rookie division at John Carroll) for novice hybrid teams to be able to clear and win team awards.

I am eager for discussion on this issue via the list or via backchannel.

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