[eDebate] UnConference, point scale, public debate cancelled

Ross Smith smithr
Tue Nov 6 21:55:30 CST 2007

There is much more to discuss than just the point scale, but in any case 
face to face discussions are highly productive (and differently productive).

Join us Friday. The whole point is that the topics can fit the people. 
Please do "sign up" at the wiki http://shirleyconference.wikispaces.com/ 
but if you are tech befuddled just e-mail me that you will be there. You 
can participate all or part of the day.

The morning session will just be on tournament management, tabbing, and 
other tournament hosting idea sharing.

Afternoon we will branch out (to stuff actually more interesting and 
improtant to the activity than how and what to count). We have three 
conference trooms at the Sundance and will have sessions at 1, 2, and 3.

Public debate is, unfortunately cancelled due to Glen Greenwald's 
trravel complications. Daveed wants a win by forfeit but we will not 
honor that request.

The point scale: we WILL use a 100 point scale (no half points) to 
determine speaker awards and clearing teams. We WILL have directions for 
its use, incorporating much of what ya'll have contributed in the way of 
ideas and criticisms (not everyone's pet idea can be followed since some 
contradict others). We will have a graphic plus written guidelines on 
the ballot if that's technically possible.

We will do what we can to make help increase understanding of how points 
"work" now and in the future. As for experiments, whoever first 
suggested there could be a better one or a safer one made worthy points 
but missed the bigger point: we have plenty of comparable data about how 
points are assigned on the 30 point scale. We're not repeating that 
"experiment" here and we are not really conducting an "experiment" as 
much as we are using a different point assignment system. Want to do a 
real study of that or of many other things (the percentage of 
words/warrants understood by judges when presented in the first two 
constructive speeches, e.g.)? Design an actual study and do it. Focus 
groups, survey instruments and all sorts of other study methods are 

Wanna get more points and wins? Figure out how Iran can trust the Bush 
administration especially in light of the fact that the leading 
candidates to succeed it seem determined to continue a hardline 
approach. Hillary? Rudy? Mitt?

Ross K. Smith
Director of Debate
Wake Forest University

336-251-2076 (c)
336-758-5268 (o)


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