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Ede writes:
"2)  Guess who else chooses not to participant in the style and form you long for:  administrators, academic departments, potential revenue sources, CSTV, other media outlets, parents, interested 3rd parties, experts on the topic that's been selected.  Now, while you stick your proverbial head in the sand, shouting "everyone can do it!" to the rafters, ignoring that none of these groups want to do it, believe your evidence of how great it sufficient enough to support it, and if given a small window of opportunity, will kill it, I wonder will you bring your head up before it's too late."
I answer:
both 1) wise words warner, wise words and  2) wrong, warner wrong
1) wise words warner, wise words
I have been at this for 3 decades.  I have never met an important decision-making stakeholder in debate programs who would react to speedy speech, leet technical skillz, and crushing research burdens like they would to simulating a sex act and/or showing pornography to an unwilling 17-year old on a middle east policy topic because her fleeing the room in tears is important to dismantling hetero-normativity.
The former generates confusion and questions.  The latter pink slips, phone calls to university counsel, and program terminations.
Ede, you are one smart guy.  
But asking you to balance considerations and fairly weigh costs and benefits has always seemed to me perilous.
2) wrong warner wrong
There is a simple test.  The CEDA of the mid-80s to the mid-90s seemed to me to have that balance decently struck.  Lots of problems, true:  perfection isn't ever going to happen.  That debate had much more participation, at least as much diversity as today while it was increasing, and experimentation without insanity.  You can never go back, nor should we.  But we can undo some mistakes, backtrack a bit when we find ourselves on the wrong path, and fix what needs fixing.  Or we can press the pedal to the metal and pray that our pinto will be able to smash through that brick wall ...
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