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Jason Jarvis debatekorea
Thu Nov 8 00:32:59 CST 2007

Greetings everyone!
I am in need of 10-15 faculty members for KDI School of 
Public Policy and Management Winter School Preliminary Term 
from January 4 - 31. 

This year we are teaching debate as level 2 and level
3 english.  We are likely going to
have  government officials from a wide range of
countries (including Iraq!).  Faculty will teach 4 hours 
a day 5 days a week for 4 weeks.  Weekends will be free.

We have a budget of about $5300/per faculty member to
cover housing, plane ticket and food/salary. 
Effectively  the less money we spend on housing/plane
fare, the more money the faculty member will have left
over as salary/spending money.  I have been assured
that the budget money is allocated and ready to be

As the courses will be taught to graduate students, an MA or PHD
is preferred, a BA with a strong teaching record may be acceptable
in selected cases.
If you are interested please send a CV to:
debatekorea at gmail.com

Information about the KDI School can be found here:


Jason L. Jarvis

Assistant Dean and Lecturer,

Korea Development Institute Graduate School of Public Policy and Management


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Hello. I hear that you might have an opportunity to teach debate in January. dp told me to send you my cv. It is attached. Let me know some of the details so I can see if this is doable with my new school. Technically I start classes on Jan 14th so I would need to find a way to justify being gone for the first 2 weeks of class. Let me know.



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