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Sherry Hall shahall
Thu Nov 8 12:54:22 CST 2007

Here is the list of subscribers that includes payments received by the AFA through the end of October, and payments that I have received.  If you think you paid the AFA and are not on this list, you should check with Pratt and see if he received your payment.  If you think I should have received a payment from you directly that is not listed, please let me know that as well.  If you have not yet paid, you now owe $100.00.  You have until December 15 to pay the $100.00.  Please make a check out to "The National Debate Tournament".  You may pay me directly at the Wake tournament, or send it to 324 Franklin St., Cambridge, MA, 02139.



NDT Subscribers 2007-2008


Arizona State University

Augustana College (Illinois)

Bard College

Baylor University

Binghamton University

Boston College

California State University (Chico)

California State University (Fullerton)

California State University (Northridge)

Case Western Reserve University

City University of New York

Concordia College

Cornell University

Dartmouth College

Eastern New Mexico University

Emory University

Emporia State University

Georgetown University

Gonzaga University

Harvard University

Idaho State University

Illinois State University

James Madison University

Kansas State University

Macalester College

Marist University

Mary Washington University

Michigan State University

Northwest College

Northwestern University

Pepperdine University

Portland State University

Redlands University

Samford University

San Francisco State University

Stanford University

Towson University

Trinity University

United States Military Academy

University of California @ Berkeley

University of Florida

University of Georgia

University of Iowa

University of Kansas

University of Louisiana # Lafayette

University of Louisville

University of Miami (FL)

University of Miami (OH)

University of Michigan

University of Minnesota

University of Missouri (Kansas City)

University of Nevada (Las Vegas)

University of North Texas

University of Northern Iowa

University of Notre Dame

University of Oklahoma

University of Puget Sound

University of Richmond

University of Texas (Austin)

University of Texas (Dallas)

University of Texas (San Antonio)

University of Vermont

University of West Georgia

University of Wyoming

Wake Forest University

Wayne State University

Weber State University

West Virginia University

Whitman College

Wichita State University
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