[eDebate] Importance of attending CEDA panels at NCA

Darren Elliott delliott
Thu Nov 8 18:22:22 CST 2007

I would like to encourage everyone attending NCA to attend as many CEDA sponsored programs as you possibly can.  Even if you dont want to participate in Q and A, please come.  NCA determines slots by attendance.  At each panel you will notice someone sticking their head in and doing a head count.  Those reports determine how many slots we get.  The better attended our panels, the more slots we get next year.  The past few years we have been down in slots.  It also can determine where our Panels are placed.  I have had numerous backchannels saying how awful it is that the Merger Panel is on Sunday at 8am.  As the Chair, and considering a Saturday night in Chicago, believe me, it sucks for me too.  But, I would like to encourage everyone to attend the Panels if you can.  At my college, it even helps with making a case to get the NCA trip funded--not just being on Panels, but attending them as well is a good argument for being an engaged scholar/participant in your field.  Hope to see many of you in Chicago!


Darren Elliott
Director of Debate--KCKCC
AFA National Council 2 year College Rep
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