[eDebate] Shirley info for tonight and tomorrow a.m.

Ross Smith smithr
Sat Nov 10 18:10:54 CST 2007

1)      Morning rounds teams will debate in buildings according to best 
to worst record, in order of Carswell, Greene, Tribble, Manchester, 
Kirby, Miller

2)      Ev can be stored in any room used tonight EXCEPT BENSON.

3) If in doubt about building you  will be in in the morning you could 
always carry ev. in your vehicle overnight.

4)      Pairings for 5 and 6 (hi-hi and hi-lo respectively) at hotel and 
edebate at 6:45, morning round BEGINS at 8:00

Ross K. Smith
Director of Debate
Wake Forest University

336-251-2076 (c)
336-758-5268 (o)


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