[eDebate] Question on Coaching Salaries

joe leeson-schatz sailorferrets
Sun Nov 11 08:20:38 CST 2007

Binghamton University is looking to set up a permanent coaching
position. They requested that I provide them numbers concerning the
average salary of head coaches / director of forensics as well as
numbers concerning assistant coaches. I am having trouble finding such
information on the Internet. If anyone could back channel me on where
such numbers could be obtained that would be a big help. Or, if those
numbers aren't out there, if people can send me an e-mail with what
their institutions presently pay, along with teaching commitments, and
other responsibilities that would also be a major help. This would
also be a beneficial project in general since I assume there are other
universities out there that would like to know average salaries of
coaches so they can create positions that are competitive with the
rest of the nation to develop debate programs on their own. In any
case, if you have a spare moment between rounds this weekend or after
you get home, please send me an e-mail with whatever information you
have on hand. Thanks for your time.

joe leeson-schatz
director of debate at binghamton university
campaigns coordinator of the binghamton/vestal vegan association

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