[eDebate] BSDT Registration-Super 8 7pm-10pm

Gordie Miller jmill12
Fri Nov 16 14:55:02 CST 2007

This is Gordie Miller (Ken will be there too!)

I will be set up in the breakfast room of the Super 8. Lehigh Station Road
from 7-10Pm. I will have recipts, tourny info and a Strike Sheet.

There will be no preference sheet, just a limited strike sheet (2-5) for each

You can call me at 585-727-6746, with adds (judges), drops, changes. I will be
checking messages regularly so leave a message if i can't pick up your call

To make the strike sheet work, i will not be relasing pairings tonight.
Basically i chose a strike sheet for all 6 prelims over relaing pairings

 Bagels, Coffee Donuts at 7 AM in Hoyt Auditorium. Pairings at 7:15 

Be safe, see ya in  few hours.

University og Rochester Debate Tournament

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