[eDebate] suggestion for the novice discussion

Jim Hanson hansonjb
Tue Nov 20 11:47:19 CST 2007

instead of counting all ld competition against novice eligibility--how about 
only count nfa ld, nfl nationals ld, and toc qualifying division competition 
ld rounds? isn't that what people are really concerned about?

anecdotally: we had an ld debater compete for us in jv division at 
pepperdine this fall and he and his partner (less experienced than him) 
advanced to elims. he competed on the ld national circuit. he was not 
heavily involved on our team and was not heavily coached by our staff. I 
would not consider him to be a novice debater in any sense but . . . since 
we don't have novice debate in the northwest, I am certainly no expert on 

jim :)
hansonjb at whitman.edu 

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