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This post is for all individuals interested in applying to the masters in
public diplomacy program at USC.  The details about the program and the
debate fellowship were already posted (check out Gordon's earlier post) or
are on the web (google USC and public diplomacy).  A quick note, this debate
assistantship is for the masters program in public diplomacy at USC.  In
addition to this program, there is the center on public diplomacy, a think
tank run by the university.  The center is distinct from the masters
program, but we do work with them and the opportunities for collaboration
are increasing. 

Public diplomacy is a really interesting and growing field.  It is
multifacted as this degree can be a launching pad for a career at the State
Dept, an Intelligence Agency, an NGO, running an international cultural
event (such as a film festival) or a PR firm.  

If you are interested in applying, send me an email at noahchestnut at

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