[eDebate] 2006-2007 Copeland voting info needed

Trond E. Jacobsen Trond
Thu Nov 22 08:00:55 CST 2007

For various purposes I am presently engaged in a network analysis of 
the 2006-2007 debate season.  One purpose is to apply various 
community-finding algorithms on the network.

Another is to develop a team-ranking algorithm designed to complement 
those now existing.  Because, thanks to Bruschke,  I have outcome data 
down to the round-level for nearly every tournament, I can 
retrospectively evaluate the predictive value of my algorithm.  One 
comparison I wish to make is between my algorithm and pre-NDT ranking 
from Copeland voting.

To satisfactorily achieve this objective, I need the help of at least 
one coach in the community who retains a record of the complete 
2006-2007 Copeland voting that was included in NDT packets.  I have 
asked several persons for this record and all indicate it exists but in 
each instance they no longer retain a copy.

If you have a copy of the complete Copeland voting for the 2006-2007 - 
meaning the votes received by every team receiving votes - and you are 
willing to email it to me I would be very grateful.  If you have access 
to comparable records for other years, that too would be helpful, but 
further in the future.

One product of this research will be series of network visualizations 
that I will make available to the community for those who are 

Thank you,

Trond Jacobsen
School of Information
University of Michigan

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