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Andy Ellis andy.edebate
Sat Nov 24 14:04:23 CST 2007


Baltimore College Debate is an organization we have started to help
bring debate to as many schools and students as we can. This year we
have worked with over 20 students at schools around the
Baltimore/DC/Philadelphia area to create a sustainable network of
local debate schools. This year we are mostly focused on encouraging
and supporting UDL alums interested in starting new programs at their
schools but as our programming expands we intend to work with students
to build full service Novice/JV and varsity debate teams. We have had
a lot of success and have already run two low cost tournaments this
season and as the involved students and schools increase so do the
costs associated with running debate teams.

We are putting together several long term funding strategies, but in
the mean time students need supplies, the tournaments need food and
judges, and there is only so much that existing donations and
memberships cover. As we prepare to host the Dec1-2 Mid Atlantic Fall
Championship we are excited about the growth of the region and of the
expanding notion of debate, but in order to continue these exciting
programs we need resources.

With all of this discussion of sides and community recently one theme
has become clear, people (regardless of what they think about
predictability) love debate, and they care about it and want to see it
grow and thrive. I believe that everybody in this community would give
$10 a piece if they new their collective contribution would help out
new and emerging programs and organizations that help to expand our
community, thus I am putting that belief to the test.

I am seeking $10 donations from anyone who is interested in helping
and seeing debate grow. Here are some things that donations now will
directly fund:

* Judges for the December 1-2 Mid Atlantic Championships
* Stipends for Student helpers and coaches
* Supplies and copies for new and emerging programs
* Entry Fees for teams without a budgetary structure
* Food for tournaments and workshops
* General Support for new debaters and programs

I have set up a donation link at www.theyoursstore.com it should
appear on the front page as "Baltimore College Debate Donation". While
you are there check out the remodel of the YOURS Store. YOURS is a
urban revitalization non profit in Baltimore that works with students
to create cooperative business and learning opportunities throughout
the city. All proceeds go back into YOURS programming. We even have a
Paolo Freire shirt! We have recently gotten a set of new T- Shirt
presses, a new workspace and are ready to start working with students
right in time for the holidays.

If the link above does not get you there try this one out
Thank you for your time and your support. Thanks also to all those who
have helped support the organization so far.

Andy Ellis
Baltimore College Debate

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