[eDebate] Graduate Assistantship - ANY DEPARTMENT

joe leeson-schatz sailorferrets
Sun Nov 25 09:55:35 CST 2007

Just a reminder as everyone finishes up applying to grad schools...

Binghamton University offers a debate assistantship covering 100% of
tuition and a stipend that you can live on, in ANY DEPARTMENT of your
choice. We travel to 6-7 tournaments a semester. Do both the regional
and national circuit. Our graduate schools in most departments are
highly rated. And you can do your graduate work in something more than
just communications.

Any interest shoot me an e-mail with questions, comments, or just to
let me know you intend to apply.

Hope to hear from bunches of you soon,

joe leeson-schatz
director of debate at binghamton university
campaigns coordinator of the binghamton/vestal vegan association

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