[eDebate] CEDA Summer/Topic Committee Meeting Location

Darren Elliott delliott
Mon Nov 26 17:13:07 CST 2007

First I want to thank all 4 schools who submitted bids to host the CEDA Summer Mtg./Topic Committee Meeting in Summer 2008.  We received bids from UNLV, Berkeley, UT Dallas, and Miami, FL.  All of the bids were great and any of the locations would have been a great fit for our needs.  I have asked them all to resubmit their bids in the future.

After consultation with the Executive Council and the Topic Committee, the location chosen for summer 2008 is the University of Texas at Dallas.  I look forward to working with Chris, Scott, Justin and the entire UTD crew as they host us this summer.

TENTATIVE dates for the meetings will be May 31st-June 4th.  Once the hotel rate for those dates are locked in as suggested in the bid, I will post to edebate and ceda-l confirming the details.

In the meantime, please plan on joining us in Dallas this summer.


Darren Elliott
Director of Debate and Forensics--KCKCC
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