[eDebate] Graduate Opportunities in Margaritaville

Steinberg, David L dave
Tue Nov 27 13:53:32 CST 2007

I hope you will consider The University of Miami when you consider
graduate education.  We have openings for fully funded assistants at
both the Ph.D. level and the Master's level.  The U provides excellent
opportunities for graduate students, including support for travel to
conferences, internship opportunities, and support for research.  Our
academic programs are flexible and encourage interdisciplinary study
(although debate assistantships are based in the School of
Communication).  The traditional track in Communication Studies will add
a non-thesis option this year.  You may also wish to consider Public
Relations (that's Johnny Prieur's major) or Film Studies (Nicole
Richter's area).  To learn more, or apply, visit


Our debate program supports national and regional travel, community
service and Urban Debate league involvement, public debates and future
growth in Spanish language and international debate.  Visit our website
at http://www.debate.miami.edu/


Miami is an exciting place to live and study.  This is truly an
international and multi-cultural capital (Tancredo need not apply),
loaded with recreation and entertainment (our current sports teams
notwithstanding......).  And, the weather is usually very good.


If you are interested in learning more, contact:


David L. Steinberg

Director of Debate, University of Miami

P.O. Box 248127

Coral Gables, Florida   33124


305-284-5553 (office)

dave at miami.edu


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