[eDebate] Invite for Univ. of Florida Gator Invitational - Jan 11-13

Marissa Silber luvmarissa
Tue Nov 27 15:52:34 CST 2007


University of Florida
 Debate Team and the Dial
Center for Written and Oral
Communication invite you and your squad to attend the Gator Invitational Debate
Tournament held in Gainesville,
 FL on January 11-13, 2008.  We have scheduled six rounds of preliminary
competition of Open and Novice CEDA Debate. 
I will serve as our Tab Room Director and Marissa Silber will be in
charge of tournament logistics and operations. 
We hope you will join us in beautiful Gainesville this January.


Lodging is extremely tight during this weekend because
several events are occurring on campus.  Please
book your rooms immediately! 


Red Roof Inn, 3500 SW 42nd Street,
is located at I-75 & Exit 384 (Archer
  Road), behind the McDonald's. 

Local phone 352/336-3311 



$63.99/night for all doubles for 1-4 people; $69.99/night for Kings 

the cut-off date for making reservations is December 26, 2007. 

Refer to ?Block Code-Debate? when making reservations. 



If planning to fly, you are probably best off coming into one of the major
airports surrounding Gainesville rather than the
Gainesville Airport as it tends to be a bit costly.
The Jacksonville International
Airport is approximately 1 1/2 hours
away, while the Orlando and Tampa International
 Airports are both
approximately 2 hours away. 

Driving Directions: 

To the Red Roof Inn: Take I-75 to exit 384 (Archer Road).
Travel East on Archer Road.
The Red Roof Inn will be on your left at the first light (NW 69^th Terrace). UF
is about 4 miles. 


tournament will use the 2007-2008 CEDA resolution.  The format will be 9-3-6 with 10 minutes prep
time.  Novices must meet the CEDA
definition of novice.  Hybrid teams will
be allowed to compete and clear.  A
debater can not enter the tournament maverick but if something happens during
the tournament, a debater can remain in the tournament (including elimination
rounds) as a maverick.

J.V. Breakout :

will be a JV Final Round for the top two non-clearing JV teams if entries permit.


Debate judge will cover 2 teams.  Each
school is asked to provide a qualified judge to cover all debate teams
entered.  Judges will be required to
judge one round beyond their team?s elimination.  We do not expect a large local pool to draw from
therefore we would appreciate any additional commitment you may be willing to
make.  Each judge will be REQUIRED to
declare ONE AND ONLY ONE WINNER and ONE AND ONLY ONE LOSER in each debate to
which they are assigned by the tab room. Compliance with this rule requires
each judge to complete an official judge ballot as designated by the tab room.
Completion of the ballot requires the judge to clearly designate affirmative or
negative to signify a winning team. Judges will also be required to confirm
their choice by indicating the school with which the designated winner is
affiliated. The side (affirmative or negative) and school affiliation must
match the assignments made by the tab room. Judges will also be required to
assign speaker points and speaker ranks to each participant in the debate.
Speaker points are accepted in increments of 0.5 from a minimum of 0 to a
maximum of 30. Speaker ranks are accepted in whole numbers only from 1 to
4.  If you or one of your judges is
unable or unwilling to fulfill these requirements, please submit an alternative
judge prior to the start of the tournament. If, during the course of the
tournament, any judge representing your school refuses to comply with these
requirements, teams affiliated with your school will be removed from the
competition by the tab room. 


will use an A-C judge preference system with all teams given one strike.


Entry Fee: $90 per team. 

team fees: $120 per uncovered team (in addition to the Tournament Entry Fee for
that team)

checks payable to Frank P. Irizarry.


will provide breakfast on Saturday and Sunday. 
Our on campus food court will be open for limited service on both
Saturday and Sunday.  There are many
dining options close to campus.  There
will be a ?cake break? that Marissa will be organizing that will take place
between rounds 5 and 6.  Marissa loves good cake and wants to share that
cake love with the community.  


will advance into elimination rounds based upon the formula determined by Rich
Edwards.  If this is a big issue for you,
just drop me a line and I?m sure I can clarify the procedures with you.  I assure you we won?t be doing anything funky
or out of line with accepted community practices.  University
 of Florida teams will be
competing in the tournament and will not be allowed to debate in elimination
rounds but will be allowed to win speaker awards.

 CEDA Statement
on Sexual Discrimination: 

tournament abides by the CEDA Statement on Sexual Discrimination.

Deadlines, Limitations, and Procedures: 

will be done via the debate results web page, available at http://www.debateresults.com/.   Please complete your entry no later than
Monday, January 7. 


winning Open team will receive the Smathers Traveling Trophy.  Last year?s winner was The University of
Georgia.  All teams in elimination rounds
will receive awards.  The top ten speakers
in Open and Novice will receive speaker awards. 


January 111:30-3pm         Registration, Turlington Hall, 2nd

3:15pm Pairings released for Rounds I&II

4:00pm Round I

6:00pm Round II

January 12    

8:30am             Breakfast and pairings, UF, Turlington
Hall, 2nd Floor

9:00am             Round III

11:00am                       Round IV

3:00pm             Round V

6:00pm             Round VI         

January 13

8:30am             Breakfast and elim round pairings,
UF, Turlington Hall, 2nd Floor

9:00am             First Elimination Debate

11:00am                       Awards

12:00pm                       Elimination Debates continue                 

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